Verge Pocket Watch Contrate Wheel – English 18th & 19th Century


Out of stock


Please note, we are no longer taking orders for these parts, any remaining stock can be found here on our ebay store.

A fantastic opportunity to find a unique and original hand-made Verge Escapement Pocket Watch Contrate Wheel.

We have hundreds of different sizes available, too many to list on the site.

Before purchase, we request that you contact us with your size requirements and we will do our best to find a match or a close as match as possible.
Once we have contacted you with what we have, stock will be placed to one side for 2 days to allow you to decide prior to purchase.

Once you have decided which size part to purchase, we will then request you make payment through the site and then process like any other order.

It is very important to provide measurements before buying this item!

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A wonderful opportunity to buy an original antique part for your Verge Pocket Watch.

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